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Unique Nutrition is a new company with the following goals:-

1. To supply high quality supplements that do the job they are supposed to.

2. To supply unique products not available from anyone else.

We have been supplying ingredients into health supplements for many years with new innovative products as well as the more standard items such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Sadly in our opinion there is not enough innovation in the health food industry, for this reason Unique Nutrition has been born.

Our promise to you is to only bring you products which work and are good value for money.

Crystal C is the first product we have brought to the market, this has been followed by Concentrace Ionic Minerals early in 2005. Champex completes the trio.

Our Misson Statement
High Quality. Fair Price. Honest Values.

Please visit our Products Page for more information on our unique products, before visiting the Online Shop.

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